It’s not just saliva, it’s your DNA; discover the story behind it and visit 23andMe

DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis

Have peace of mind, discover who you are and order an Ancestry+Health  or Ancestry kit. Before you order, let’s compare services to see which one is best for you. An Ancestry service lets you find out your real ancestry, answers the where, when and how.

Learn what your DNA shows  about your ancestors and family history. Find where  your ancestor originated  from and exact region in the world. Oceania? Sub-Saharan Africa?

Find 23andMe customers that share your DNA. The report shows the location in the world your DNA Relatives are in.

Now that you have taken the first to unravel the mystery, consider opt-in for DNA Relative Finder. When you say “yes” to this feature you are closer to finding unknown relatives around  the world. Best part is that 23andMe gives you the exact location where these relatives are to  connect with them.

Don’t stop there, dig deeper and go back 1,000 years to  discover the origins of your maternal and paternal ancestors. Learn how they lived and moved around the world.

DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis

Spark your curiosity and learn if you have any Neanderthal DNA in you. 23andMe compares your traits to our prehistoric family. It also compares your results to those of other members.

Ancestry + Health goes further than your Ancestry results and find out how your health comes into play.

Now you don’t have to  wonder why you get bloated after drinking milk or get irritated after having a cup of coffee. Find out what is really triggering this. Is it your  lifestyle? Ethnicity a factor? Could you be a carrier of genetic variant?

Learn the role  your DNA plays in  developing diseases and conditions. 23andMe provides you with facts  about diseases associated to current condition. And also gives you tips to make changes to your lifestyle and stay healthy.

Find if you are a carrier, the side of family you inherited condition from and chances  your kids will inherit too. Use this helpful information to share with your doctor and take action to prevent them. Good idea to share this information with your family too.

Learn how your DNA influences your features and preferences.  Find the likelihood  of being lactose and caffeine intolerant. 23andMe also gives you other factors that trigger your preferences like age and stress.

Decide on the best kit for you and  place an order. It takes about 3-5 days to receive your kit.

Now comes the good part. Open your kit, take out the tube and spit. Seal and place the tube in the prepaid package in the kit. Before mailing the sample, don’t forget to register your collection tube so  23andMe can know who sent it.

The anxiety grows. It take 6-8 weeks to receive results via email. When you get the email from 23andMethe time to learn what is hiding in your DNA has come.

Let 23andMe help you discover the secret your DNA hides with the appropriate genetic service.