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There are two major Players from the drywall sander world. Orbital has a model popular. It comes with a large sanding head with the electric motor handle. The Dustless Technologies Turbo Drywall Sander features a rectangular sanding head. It is designed for sanding in corners and for areas. The biggest problem using the Orbital sander is its weight – 8.5 pounds. Muscle will be caused by holding that type of weight shoulder high requires regular breaks and burn in a few minutes. It can turn a project into a marathon that is distress. Some folks opt for rod sanding approaches that are manual and put up to prevent the fatigue.

random orbital sander

The Orbital sander is a quality unit that has benefits. To get a random orbital sander review that wants a productivity unit, it is a great choice because of the aggressive sanding action of it. You pay a premium price for this, although it enables the operator to cover areas quickly. It sells for around $430, and that doesn’t include a vacuum – the drywall. For do-it-yourselfers, builders and homeowners, the price of the Orbital system might not be worth the cost. And in places that are tight like baths, the Orbital sander is often not practical since the trimming head is too large; it is rounded, so it won’t reach into corners; the extended rod inhibits maneuverability, and you cannot correct the angle of the mind to reach anyplace you will need to.

Where the Orbital unit can’t the Turbo Drywall Sander goes. It has a head so that it can sand. The rod is removable so the unit can be converted by that you into a hand sander – . Set the angle of the mind you want it to accommodate even the most working conditions. The Dustless Turbo Drywall Sander is an alternative for folks who need a lighter weight system at a price that is lower. The Turbo Drywall Sander weighs only 4.5 pounds. Additionally it is a wonderful advantage for drywall contractors who want the Orbital system’s productivity, but need a more flexible method for tight areas small jobs and touch up.

There is a consideration the sort of vacuum used in addition to the drywall sander. Orbital sells a vacuum to go together with its version 7800 drywall sander for $370, bringing the cost for the Orbital. Dustless Technologies sells a vacuum for $300, bringing the cost for its drywall sanding system. For money Dustless Technologies vacuum has some benefits over the Orbital vacuum cleaner. While the Orbital Vacuum claims to deliver 99.85% efficacy, the Dustless vacuum goes further by capturing airborne particles down to.5 microns using its optional micro-profiler. This is extremely near HEPA-level performance, which catches down to.3 microns. The filtration is noticeable when dealing with drywall dust. Another consideration is the price of the sand paper when picking a drywall sanding system. The Orbital sander utilizes.