Web Critique: Greasemania

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www-greasemania-comStrong Points

What is great about greasemania.com is that when you open their website, you immediately know what the business is all about. Their home page is not wordy which is great. You could tell that they are into storm …

Web Design Critique: Paper Mart

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About Paper Mart

Paper Mart, the largest packaging supply company in the U.S., is a family owned business which is now on its 4th generation of management. This year the company is celebrating its 93 years in the business. They …

Web Critique: Promotionalproductscanada.com

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First impression

Upon first impression, the site gives a positive vibe because of those smiling faces that will greet you in their homepage. There is nothing better than welcoming faces when you come across the site while browsing. The aesthetics …

Web Design Critique: Babandoo

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About Babandoo

Babandoo is a website dedicated to product comparisons. It also caters to customer reviews and ratings. It is a recently launched website with a lot of potentials. Let’s check out and see all its features.

The Header

Wed Design Critique on Brony.com

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About Brony.com

Brony.com is a website that is centered on providing the latest news and updates about the cartoon, My Little Pony, to its fans. It provides the fans with information regarding MLP, the famous people who talk about them …

Web Design Critique On: Success Inc.

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Success Inc

Success Inc. is a website built to help others create their own websites. Most of the themes available look chic, tidy and negligible and can work greatly whether you are viewing websites through your desktop or your mobile phones. Overall …

Website Critique: Uglysweaterstore.com

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First Impression

If visual appeal can be assessed in just a few seconds, it is safe to say that the site is not impressive and neither is it eye catching. At the very least, all that it portrays are images …

Web Design Critique On tvstoreonline.com

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First Impression

My first impression of the site is the generous of white background with color provided by the different types of t-shirts that have been influenced by TV and the movies. TV store online engages with its users …

Web Design Critique On invertechcanada.com

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post 1

First Impression

Not many people will be searching for the products of www.invertechcanada.com because it a site that serves industries with a requirement for adhesives, epoxies and sealants. My first impression of the site is its simplicity with the generous …